Keeping it Real: Combating the Movie Date Epidemic

I don’t know about you, but I HATE watching a movie on my first date. I HATE it!

Sure, you might  participate in some light banter before discussing the film on the drive home, or as you eat that last bite of Ben and Jerry’s, but we all know what the real purpose of movie dates is.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cuddling. It’s fun, and there is definitely room in my books for more of that, but that doesn’t mean I want it all the time, and definitely NOT on the first date.

So what are ways that we can amp up the meaningful interaction and encourage sincere conversation?

Play Games

Playing games (preferably in a group setting) allows you to see how your date handles pressure, how competitive they are, and how they treat people they aren’t on a date with. It is important to keep in mind that they know they’re on display, but that doesn’t mean you won’t learn about them if you’re observant.

Buzzfeed has a great list of games that are cheap and fun!

One of my personal favorites is paint twister. I’ve found that when everyone gets messy, it’s easier to leave the awkwardness behind and have fun!

Service Activities

What’s more sincere than centering your date around a service activity?

kidworldcitizen is a blog I found that offers simple, one afternoon service activities. One of my personal favorites was her recommendation to, “Secretly rake leaves or shovel snow for a neighbor in need” (Becky, 2013).

This could be adapted to late night “phantom runs”. Who doesn’t love opening their door to find a fresh plate of cookies or to discover that they’ve been “heart attacked“?

Regardless of the activity, making a difference in someone else’s day forges a different kind of bond, and provides for fun conversation later.

Asking Questions

My cousin Katherine will bring a bag with question slips. She recommended using them on long car trips, or when you feel more comfortable with your date.

It should be noted that she did report: “It was always awkward at first. I’m just an awkward person so I embrace it and then it’s fun!”  So this might not be the best first date activity, but if you’ve been friends with them for a while, why not give it a shot?

While there are hundreds of sites out there devoted to fun, silly, and serious questions, here is one of my favorites. There are also multiple truth or dare apps which I have found are much easier to introduce in group settings and serve the same purpose.

Regardless of how you choose to change the tone of your date, the ultimate goal should be getting to know your partner and having a fun time! Make them your focus, and be yourself!



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