Behind The Rexburg Rut: How Disney Got it Wrong

Every little girl is infused with Disney inspired dreams of the moment when she will be swept off her feet and carried away to her prince’s castle. Everything will be perfect, because you’re a princess and magic is real. Good conquers all.

Well guess what Disney, you got it wrong… And maybe that’s a good thing?

In 1937, Disney reintroduced Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs into society. The story is simple enough. The Princess struggles to get what she deserves (Her qualifications being that she’s nice, pretty, and has a birthright) until she is rescued by a man she doesn’t know.

They then live happily ever after. The end.

Modern society has had great fun pointing out exactly why this is so wrong.

For example, popular fantasy author Gail Carson Levine, wrote a series of short stories which were compiled together and entitled The Princess Tales. In these stories, the female protagonists discover that fantasy and reality are two very different things.

In one of Disney’s more recent films; Frozen, Disney even takes a stab at the stereotypes they have perpetuated for so long.

Fed by loneliness and spontaneity, Anna and Hans discover how exciting  a new “flirtashionship” can be. Their relationship continues to escalate as they decide to get married (note that they are still on day one).

Disney takes things a step further as they vilify Hans, and allow him to ridicule Anna’s dreams of future happiness and true love.

So maybe that part was a bit harsh, but the point stands that love and dating aren’t always how disney portrays it to be.

So, back to my blog. Why is it called the Rexburg Rut?

Dating can be an incredibly exciting ritual in every individual’s life. Disney may have failed to illustrate a proper courtship (I’ll give them a pass since they’re attempting to portray an entire relationship in a 2 hour block), however, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have our own perfectly imperfect happily ever after.

The Rexburg Rut’s purpose is to offer a helpful commentary on dating in college.

As I am currently located in Rexburg, Idaho, I am particularly excited for this chance to think creatively and offer inexpensive, fun dating ideas to all of you!

Feel free to comment any fun date ideas or questions you have! I want to learn from all of you as much as I hope you’ll learn from me!



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