How to Keep it Cheap Without Being Cheap

Never have I ever… heard the phrases “saving money” and “going on lots of dates” in the same sentence. You just don’t!

Jesse Bouche’s article entitled “Why Your Girlfriend is Making You Broke” outlines the day to day expenses that tend to empty the wallet. At the top of the list are frequent eating out, long phone conversations, and expensive presents.

The same  thing can go for dates as well. After all, the focus is to make things special, right?

I am about to say something that might rock your world.


You don’t have to spend lots of money to have a memorable, beautiful night!

Still with me?

After interviewing my lovely roommates Claire and Madison, and reflecting on my own personal experiences, I believe I can offer a variety of creative and interesting dates to help keep the money in your wallet.


How to keep it cheap without being cheap Bryson photo

Photo courtesy of Madison Spendlove: Bryson at their Roosters dinner date

What if you could buy you and your date soup, salad, dessert, and home-brewed rootbeer at a nicer restaurant for $15? Maddie’s boyfriend did just that at Roosters!

“Bryson is just amazing,” she told me. “We’ll go out to these super classy restaurants for really cheap. If we’re going to go out, we’re going to go somewhere nice and save money.”

According to Maddie, in addition to couponing, his favorites are and

Not interested in a food date? Maddie used a Groupon deal last week to visit the Utah Ice Castles.

“I found the deal about one month in advance. I think it saved me about 50% which ended up being about $50.”

So to summarize her key points? Always keep an eye out for good deals.

You never know what you might find!

Sampling it Up

Claire’s junior homecoming, provided an interesting take on the classic dinner date. After eating dinner at her date’s house (which can provide an awesome way to save money, and let’s you control the atmosphere), they made a stop at their local grocery store!

“It was so much fun!” Claire told me; her face lighting up. “We walked around in our dresses and filled up on samples.”

Aside from the free food, doing stuff like this definitely takes the pressure off!

Romance Package

Did you know that McDonald’s had a “Romance Package”? Neither did they!

After calling my local McDonalds and asking about the “Romance Package”, the employee explained that customers have come and set up their own tables. “They can set them up and we won’t touch it, but they need to do it.”

Apparently setting this up in advance, my friend’s date picked her up on his bike. Following on her own bike, they made their way to the local restaurant where he requested the romance package.

The employees transformed the much loved table into an elegant place setting for the two to enjoy their burgers and fries before biking home.

Walkie Talkie

“Walkie Talkie” (a term I discovered from a newly-wed friend back home) is exactly what it sounds like- going on a long walk and talking about life.

Doesn’t sound exciting or memorable?

What about mixing up the location? The cover photo for this blog post was actually taken on a grandpa-daughter date I went on last September.

Park City, Utah was beautiful. We wandered around, checking out all of the art galleries (which were free), and then followed it up with lunch.

While Park city is definitely a more popular tourist location, there are always fun places nearby to explore. If you do the research, you might be surprised by what you discover!

You can always follow it up with ice-cream or a local treat!

Bringing it Back

While I do think it is perfectly fine to spend money on a nicer date from time to time, my biggest recommendation would be to be intelligent in doing so. A little preparation can save you a lot of money and open up new opportunities that you weren’t aware of.





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