Spring Fever

Cover Photo Courtesy of Michelle Wasden

Temperatures are rising in Rexburg Idaho, and hearts are starting to thaw.

As it turns out, the longer eye contact and more meaningful exchanges that tend to take place during spring are more instinctual: caused by an increase in neurotransmitters and behavioral changes.

“Master Matchmaker Krystal Walter says longer days and increased exposure to sunlight causes our bodies to produce more serotonin, the hormone that makes us happy,” According to NEWS1130.

Weather and a few extra hormones aren’t the only factors at play.

“‘And there’s so much novelty in the spring,’ said Fischer. ‘There is so much more color, new smells, people take their clothes off and you can see more of them. And so there is a lot of new stimuli that trigger the brain and drive up dopamine, and make you more susceptible to love,'”According to MPRNEWS.

While sweats or a favorite hoodie may have helped individuals to survive the winter, pulling out the more flattering wardrobe can increase dating opportunities and boost our own self-confidence.

Regardless of the reason, many individuals are impacted by the weather.

“Incredibly, the mental health field has only recently recognized the relationship between seasons and mood disorder, ‘Seasonal Affect Disorder,’ appropriately abbreviated, ‘SAD,'” according to Mind Publications.

Spring is also associated with a more aesthetically pleasing environment. Flowers are blooming, the air is warmer, and the animals increase activity.

In Rexburg, the increased temperature have allowed the snow to melt, reassuring residents that the grass is still green and alive. Many a couple has been observed playing on the field, or sitting in trees.

On a college campus like BYU-Idaho, couples seem to increase exponentially during spring. They’re everywhere as they take their ‘Sunday walks’ and socialize at the local park, Madison Spendlove, a Senior at BYU-Idaho said.

Whether it is the longer, darker days finally giving way to sunshine, or the changes in time giving way to new social experiences, this season could be the time for individuals to find their special someone.

“Walter says her best advice is to get out there and get active, increase your energy levels, and spring clean your love life,” according to NEWS1130.

Ultimately, the hope would be that prospective couples find fun, invigorating, outdoor actives to do together. Exercising outdoors has a wide array of health benefits, according to FoxNews.

Common sense regulates that happy, healthy individuals lead to a happy, healthy relationship.






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