Now is the Time to Be Selfish

*Feature Image was found on, taken by Alejandro Salinas.

“I can’t do ____________, my goal is to get married.”

Today, I’m speaking to the guys and gals out there who have said some variation of this. I’m speaking to anyone who has ever given up an experience because all they can see is relationships.

Let’s get real, It’s easy to fall into this trap. I’ve seen friends put off experiences or waste their time bemoaning the fact that they aren’t dating anyone.

First of all, get off the couch, turn off your video games, and start living your lives. These are okay in doses, but it’s easy to find imbalance.

A wise person once told me; “Now is the time for you to be selfish. For the rest of your life, you will be working with others and living in some degree to their schedules. Figure out who you are now.” 

So I would echo this advice to my readers. Now is the time to be selfish.

Growing up, I was a definite believer in the “Disney Dream“.  My first stake dance was a let-down when I didn’t get my cinderella moment (Yes, I was waiting for the spot light and prince charming… at age 14. A girl can dream).

When I began college, I remember feeling like I needed to put my life on hold because “what if I missed my perfect person?”

“My beloved brethren, may I remind you, if there were a perfect woman, do you really think she would be that interested in you?” President Uchtdorf said in his talk, “In Praise of Those Who Save“.

President Uchtdorf’s point is clear- Now is the time for us to experience life. Fill out who we are as people. Try out personalities if you want. Try out new activities.

So grab your bucket list and check something off. Pick a skill, go on an adventure, make some new friends, and have fun!

now is the time to be selfish.jpg

There are definite benefits to leaving the house. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your person when you’re out there actually living your life… And won’t that be better?

Thoughts? Questions? Things you’d love to see me write about?? Leave a comment below!

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